Challenging your Sheepeople Mentality. How to tell if you are a Sheepeople

The majority of People on this planet really don’t get it. This is a parasitic planet and everything feeds off something else. The majority 80% of the people are “Sheepeople” and follow like good little sheep that are afraid to say or do anything against the politically correct. Then you have the 10% Percenters who[…]

Living with Difficult People

Living with Difficult People In our daily life, we find ourselves encountering more and more people who are uncompromising, overbearing, resentful, uncooperative, manipulative or just plain pushy. Whether we are dealing with angry customers, overworked office staff, insurance representatives or aggressive salespersons, each situation challenges our patience and communication skills. If we want to foster[…]

He’s a Weiner and so What !!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s out there in the world. Being a parent is like being a public servant. We want to project an image to our children / constituents that we are the perfect leader, role model and example. I’m sure people will have many thoughts and responses to this overview.[…]

Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy can stand in the way of living your life as a secure and fulfilled individual. Though it’s a natural emotion, you can learn to control the negative aspects of jealousy and envy. Most people view jealousy and envy as very negative emotions, and with good reason. Who could possibly enjoy the terrible gnawing feeling[…]