Todd Glassberg- Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid?

Todd Glassberg – Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid Just yesterday there was an article in the Washington Post that stated College Athletes are preparing a petition to be presented to the NCAA requesting that their scholarship funds be increased as they are enriched with additional revenues. My thoughts on this have never[…]

Our Duty to Ourselves- Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

Our Duty   So often we are told to set moderate goals, to not overextend ourselves or reach too high.  But how will we know what we are capable of achieving unless we stretch – unless we proceed as if limits to our abilities did not exist?   Pierre  Teilhard  de  Chardin, the French Jesuit and[…]

How is your Picture ? Todd Glassberg Views from the Front Porch

How’s Your Picture? Every minute of every waking hour of  every day of your life, you’re projecting to others a picture of yourself and your personality. You can tell how this picture looks to the world by looking at what you’re getting back. Have you ever noticed that when someone calls you on the telephone,[…]

Is you butt, Grounded ?

I wanted to share a little lighthearted gratitude to  my aquaintence Justin Wiley today.   I recently discussed at length with Justin how he feels about “Daily, Ordinary Spirituality”, I asked others to share how they bring their spirituality into their daily lives.   In Justins response, I found a little tidbit that was not only profound[…]

Why do we Allow Banks to Rip Us Off – Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

I went to the ATM today, the 1st thing I noticed was they wanted to charge me $3 to get my money. I know you are probably thinking “Go to your own bank it’s free” Well with gasoline as high as it is, unfortunately it is cheaper to pay the fee. The 2 biggest rip-offs[…]

What is an Appendix Amongst Friends – Todd Glassberg Fron Porch Perspective

    Many many years ago I went to sleep-away camp. I know its the City thing to do, so don’t scratch your noggin and say whats that. I have to say it has shaped my life in all the positive ways a parent could hope for. I made friends and acquaintances that I still[…]

Harddrive and Cookies- Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

Good Morning all, welcome to my Todd Glassberg’s Front Porch. It has been a very trying week. First , I lost my hard-drive , then my marketing customers lost their perspective. I like many of you was diligently working away on my weekly workload, stopped for a quick cup of coffee and when I returned[…]