Todd Glassberg – Thanksgiving Views from the Front Porch

Todd Glassberg welcomes my regular followers and the casual reader on this Thanksgiving Day. Why is it during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas people think it’s time to feel gratitude to God for all the good things in their life. It is a time to  acknowledge the good deeds of fellowmen and be thankful. Todd Glassberg’s view[…]

Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective – Family Breakfast

It’s Sunday morning and the coffee is brewing and the griddles are warming. Todd Glassberg’s family is slowly getting it together. It has been a busy fall season in our home. School is in progress, the first marking period is done , Football and Cheer has come and gone,  and Thanksgiving is upon us. This is[…]

Todd Glassberg Front Porch Pespective – Why are people such @ssholes Pt. 1

It has been a quiet period , shall I say a moment of introspection. Living the dream. Mind you, I value my family, my friends and the opportunities that lay in front of me. However life or shall I say people from time to time place road blocks before me. I could choose to ignore them and[…]

Todd Glassberg Says “There is Nothing But Air and Opportunity”

Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective.   I’m driving to work today listening to Boomer& Carton . I hadn’t heard it in a long time. Then I remember it’s Craig Carton’s standard comeback. It is one of those New York standard responses when someone wants something from you (even if all they want is a fight) and[…]