Todd Glassberg – Views from the Front Porch- Haters Amongst Us

  Over the past few days I have been seeing sayings like this posted all over Facebook. As I sit here on a truly lovely day from my Front Porch, I think about this growing aspect of the Human Condition. First I must say , I am at peace and feeling a moment of pure rythym in[…]

Todd Glassberg -Views from the Front Porch – Taylor Glassberg a Vision of Excellence & Strength

I sat down this morning on the Front Porch and began my ritual. I took the first sip of my coffee and soaked in the sun. I let my mind wander. I was thinking about my children and my daughter came to my mind. Being the parent of a 15 year old  is an adventure,[…]

Todd Glassberg – Who is Looking at my LinkedIn -Views from the Front Porch

I have a routine, don’t you ? I get into work turn on my computer and begin the daily script in my mind. I open my email, grab the coffee and flip the lid. As my first sip goes down and warms up my stomach; I scan my new messages and begin to set the[…]

Todd Glassberg – Another day Another Point of View

Todd Glassberg understands the value of perspective. As I sit an drink my morning cup of coffee, I ask myself ” Is the Front Porch the only place I can write this delicious little tidbits of observation”. I have to refer to the words of that favorite song. Where ever I lay my hat is[…]