Celebrating Birthdays – Todd Glassberg’s View from the Front Porch

I recently celebrated another Birthday. Like New Years eve , it was another Milestone in which to assess my perspective of my existence .

Our Birthdays in general are the one day in the year that is truly about us. Its when we celebrate the feeling of being a part of something.

I haven’t written in awhile because I have so much to say but I haven’t decided in which flavor to say it. When I was born, a circle of family and friends were excited. As I have attained the top of the hill there is a different circle. The players have changed.

My 46 years can be summed up as follows :

Key moments:

Todd Glassberg survived being born 2+months premature at 4 lbs 2ounces.

Parents divorced when I was 3. They each re married. Dad is married 35+ years to a wondeful person. Mom died in 1984.

Grandparents are now gone. Cousins (my first friends) on my Dad’s side are excommunicated by me, because they forgot what it means to be family. Cousins on Mom’s side, still tethered but no strong connection.( Once again that family thing)

Brother, alive but disconnected. What was his perspective that caused him to forget that family doesn’t judge. Sister still a part of my life and a central part of my spoke.

Childhood friends 2 very close since age 6. Like brothers from another mother. Adult friends a handful that I wouldn’t change for the world. they have been there at my best and worst moments.

Acquaintances (almost friends) Many of these, we share dynamic moments but time, responsibility and our needs to be centralized prohibit full functional interdependencies.

I survived 2 near death experiences, a drunk driving accident on my 18 birthday and a medical un explained emergency on my 43rd birthday. One could say that period was my first shit sandwhich, filled with greatness and spoiled by  over indulgence.

I have created a family of my own. Married 17 years , 2 lovely children. God granted me one daughter and one son. I get to experience both without having to share the same directions.

So as I sit and write what can I wish for on this anniversary of my existence.

I hope that I have touched all of you in one way or another. Even if it were negative , we exchanged an energy that sparked a reaction, there fore I didn’t just exist. I lived.

I wish for continued, health, strength, drive, ambition, compassion,love and desire to make amark in this world that we live in. May these words serve as a reminder , that we are all truly similar and our hopes and fears and desires travel the same paths.

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