Everyone has a story. Mine IS ……

I ran into a old friend the other day , he posed a question ? If you could do anything for a living , “what would it be?” I replied, ” I am doing what I like most. I am a Marketer and a Sales Person. However the way I approach my job is different. I believe in taking goals that people need and finding ways to deliver it with ingenuity.

However my belief system is married tightly with my perceptions. Look at the posts I have written:

Living with Difficult People

Overcoming Jealousy

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Beware of the smile.

I may sound like a cynic, but I am far from it. I believe in the pure of heart, the people who look at their world and want to make it better. I do not believe in the posers, the ones who fake it till they make it.

I used to have a successful career, but my chasing of the American Dream hurt me. I had the wrong dream. I believed in Money, Cars, Houses … I believed in stuff. To quote George Carlin, I needed storage for all my stuff. I really had nothing. I bought inanimate objects and spent money on food , which only got me Fat and Unhealthy.


So now back to my friend, he suggested that I would be a good Radio Host. I could talk about things. Whenever i say things, I think of Rocky Balboa telling Paulie, I have gaps, Adrienne has gaps and together we fill them. I have many observations from my porch.

Observation 1 – If the NBA and NFL can go on strike to get better money, security and working conditions. Why can’t the public at large; to get better food, health-care and living conditions?

Answer that I dare you. But be careful , you don’t want to expose your greed and selfishness. I am not Right Winged or Liberal. I believe that if you work you should be rewarded. No free lunch. We are a nation of the free lunch. Multi generational welfare recipient’s robbing the system with their unhealthy thinking.  Clean the streets, protect our children, support our infrastructure. It will never happen the unionized worker wants to protect himself. I say make everyone productive.

If I get enough feedback. i will post a weekly Video Blog.


Have a great day.




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2 thoughts on “Everyone has a story. Mine IS ……

  • I have a hard time, as well, with people who are collecting from the government who really can go out and work. Not for myself, because I don’t want anything for free. I’m proud to work hard for all that I have. Gov Christie gets a lot of slack for cutting out programs, but cuts need to be made, we are grossly overspending. Unfortunately, the people who really, really need these programs are the ones who lose

  • I like this post, perhaps more so than your previous ones.
    It would be incredibly easy to make everyone productive, and I actually believe that most people do have a way of being contributing members of our society. Perhaps the real problem is that they simply don’t want that? What if the real issue at hand is the good old-fashioned complacency, where people do just enough to protect “their own yard”, so to speak, and could care less about the rest of the country?

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