He’s a Weiner and so What !!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s out there in the world. Being a parent is like being a public servant. We want to project an image to our children / constituents that we are the perfect leader, role model and example. I’m sure people will have many thoughts and responses to this overview. I just hope that deep inside they are honest, no no honest with me, with themselves. Now people get ready be honest, Do you live as perfect as the speeeches you give your children? I think most don’t live up to their words. If they did , I would have never learned the expression ” DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO”.

People we are just human, any specicies who populates this wonderful planet called Earth. We are not perfect we are fallable. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, or what culture your from. We as a race live a life of sin, imperfection if you must hear it sensitively, because Sin means different things to different people based upon the interpretation of the moral code. Additionally, we strive for Sentimentality, we feel that if we do wrong on one hand the other hand can do good and it equals out. Folks, Good is Good and Bad is Bad. There are degrees of each but when you get down to it society rarely lets Grey enter the picture unless your a Sports Star or an Entertainer.

Now back to being a Weiner. Get ready to get pissed off. Ex-Congressman Weiner , Retired Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, John F. Kennedy,  Brian Smith Etc, Etc, Etc. What these men have done in their private lives is not the way to live. But since there are so many names on this list, what makes them different than anyone else. Brian Smith you don’t know him , neither do I,  he is a nameless faceless example of our societal behavior. Thsi is what we are capable of doing. Do all of us do things of moral question. Yes, oneway oranother we do. People, if we were perfect we wouldn’t heed our religions or follow our laws. We would have anarchy. Whic as a race strive to be better, to survive greater than our neighbor. We are in the era of I. I want, I buy, I owe.

Understanding that we are fallable, undertsand the people and their situation. If Anthony Weiner were not a Congressman, who would care if he sent an ugly picture ( it could be handsome, but Im not into that) of his Wenus. No one would care unless he went underage. The porn star who ratted him out. Another money hungry whore. How come no one gets on her for using her god given assets to make money. I don’t get it. Private Lives should be Private. Public Service is a job representing the publics interest as whole. I can represent your interest even if I don’t live like you.

Final thoughts, most Lawyers have no interest in their clients beyond their fees. We still hire them to represent us, Don’t We.

Have a Great Day and remember if you going to send nude photos, dont.

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