Todd Glassberg – A view from the Back Porch – Friends

Our lives are filled with many things. The things around us and the things we conjure up in our own minds. Recently , a Life and Death situation has visited my doorstep. Before I tell you the when, what, who and why; I would like to express my viewpoint circa 2012. Todd Glassberg is writing[…]

Todd Glassberg – Views from the Front Porch – Today is a day to enjoy

Friday night, the kids are upstairs with their friends. I am sitting in quietness, with the secure murmurs of them giggling with their friends. I find it peaceful. As we all sit at our moment of quietness, planning the next day , we should enjoy. Sit back and wash the pleasant thought through our soul.[…]

Todd Glassberg – Views from the Front Porch – What is a life ?

I began writing this Blog for many reasons , some were clear and some have become clear as time has gone on. I hear from people I have known since my youth and they have inspired me to share my thoughts on daily life as it is viewed from my front porch. I would like[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch – I’m not Dead yet

I hear it from time to time people say, ” go drop dead” Todd Glassberg is proud to announce it seems your wishes are falling on deaf ears. According to the Death Clock , it will not be my time to go until Septemeber 22, 2057. Another 45 years of this, I’m not sure. The[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- Getting Under my Skin!!!

  I’ve got you under my skin, a classic Frank Sinatra song depicting the act of falling in love or falling prey to someone’s emotional advances. Funny though telling someone your under my skin could be a wonderful compliment or a cry for help. Another analogy is the Seinfeld episode where the main tag line[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- I have a Scarlett Alphabet, don’t you ?

This post has been gyrating in my mind since a near death experience almost 3 years ago. I am continuously spurned into action by different daily occurrences. They could be an unkind word, an un-provoked attack , or just my inner voice saying ” Todd you must not only measure up to the rest of[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- What’s an Agenda – Who’s Agenda gets served…

I ventured off the front Porch today , to survey the world and the people around me. It’s time for a sanity check. I started the thought with, What’s my Agenda?, that immediately kicked off¬†the response¬†number two ; What’s your Agenda? Is life like a job interview, or the quiet checklist we think about when[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views From the Front Porch – Groundhog Day

Everyday seems like the movie Groundhog Day. I drag myself out of bed, before the sun rises and scurry off to the gym. I work out , chasing my youth knowing I can never catch it again. I try and I try to at least maintain my balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. After the[…]

Todd Glassberg -Views from the Front Porch- There comes a Time ….

A time comes in your life when you finally get it… When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out – ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. Like a child quieting down after a blind[…]

Todd Glassberg “At the end of the day”

I wanted to start this posting by accessing what would be the most important thoughts to leave people with at the end of the day. I have many but collected the following that i feel will appeal to my readers.   At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one[…]