Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Todd Glassberg Views From The Front Porch says, What does this mean to you? Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight This Japanese proverb relays the alteration of life. Some would more naturally translate it into English as “Always rising after a fall or repeated failures”. or the other popular sayings ‘if you fall off the horse[…]

Celebrating Birthdays – Todd Glassberg’s View from the Front Porch

I recently celebrated another Birthday. Like New Years eve , it was another Milestone in which to assess my perspective of my existence . Our Birthdays in general are the one day in the year that is truly about us. Its when we celebrate the feeling of being a part of something. I haven’t written in[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- I have a Scarlett Alphabet, don’t you ?

This post has been gyrating in my mind since a near death experience almost 3 years ago. I am continuously spurned into action by different daily occurrences. They could be an unkind word, an un-provoked attack , or just my inner voice saying ” Todd you must not only measure up to the rest of[…]

Todd Glassberg- Views From the Front Porch – Groundhog Day

Everyday seems like the movie Groundhog Day. I drag myself out of bed, before the sun rises and scurry off to the gym. I work out , chasing my youth knowing I can never catch it again. I try and I try to at least maintain my balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. After the[…]

Todd Glassberg- Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid?

Todd Glassberg – Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid Just yesterday there was an article in the Washington Post that stated College Athletes are preparing a petition to be presented to the NCAA requesting that their scholarship funds be increased as they are enriched with additional revenues. My thoughts on this have never[…]

Our Duty to Ourselves- Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

Our Duty   So often we are told to set moderate goals, to not overextend ourselves or reach too high.  But how will we know what we are capable of achieving unless we stretch – unless we proceed as if limits to our abilities did not exist?   Pierre  Teilhard  de  Chardin, the French Jesuit and[…]

Harddrive and Cookies- Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

Good Morning all, welcome to my Todd Glassberg’s Front Porch. It has been a very trying week. First , I lost my hard-drive , then my marketing customers lost their perspective. I like many of you was diligently working away on my weekly workload, stopped for a quick cup of coffee and when I returned[…]

Your Hidden Talent Is ….?

You ask yourself every day. Do I have talent? Can I do something better than anyone else. Even if I can’t, can I do better than I’m doing it today. When I was a child my father always said, “Play to strengths, not your weaknesses”. Believe me at 10 years old I had no idea[…]