Todd Glassberg – Views from the Front Porch – Today is a day to enjoy

Friday night, the kids are upstairs with their friends. I am sitting in quietness, with the secure murmurs of them giggling with their friends. I find it peaceful. As we all sit at our moment of quietness, planning the next day , we should enjoy. Sit back and wash the pleasant thought through our soul.[…]

Why do we Allow Banks to Rip Us Off – Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

I went to the ATM today, the 1st thing I noticed was they wanted to charge me $3 to get my money. I know you are probably thinking “Go to your own bank it’s free” Well with gasoline as high as it is, unfortunately it is cheaper to pay the fee. The 2 biggest rip-offs[…]

What 9/11 means to me !!!

Over the past few days, people have been sharing , how 9/11 affected them. Well it clearly has affected me. It was the beginning of the crumbling of Todd ‘ structure and after ten years, I am finally rebuilding. I want to start this blog post on 9/10 2001 . It was a very rainy night and[…]

Liberty-(like in the pursuit of) Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

  popeye_the_sailor_man-ringtone Play Popeye’s Theme song     Liberty: Fundamental to Human Beings   Todd Glassberg’s : DEFINITION OF LIBERTY My definition of liberty is the freedom of an individual to do whatever he or she wishes, as long as it does not impact someone else’s liberty. Some might argue that this is a circular[…]