Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- You never know what may happen

Funny thing about life . You never know what may happen. As I write this I think of Forrest Gump ” Life is like a box of chocolates” . It sure is . I recently had the pleasure of reading a prospective business partners presentation. I was intrigued , however as an experienced participant of humanistic  interactions,[…]

Todd Glassberg – Thanksgiving Views from the Front Porch

Todd Glassberg welcomes my regular followers and the casual reader on this Thanksgiving Day. Why is it during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas people think it’s time to feel gratitude to God for all the good things in their life. It is a time to  acknowledge the good deeds of fellowmen and be thankful. Todd Glassberg’s view[…]

How is your Picture ? Todd Glassberg Views from the Front Porch

How’s Your Picture? Every minute of every waking hour of  every day of your life, you’re projecting to others a picture of yourself and your personality. You can tell how this picture looks to the world by looking at what you’re getting back. Have you ever noticed that when someone calls you on the telephone,[…]

Do you want to fly, drop the baggage?

A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook. It says a lot , most of us no what it means; however executing this disipline is hard. It starts with honesty. Not to others but to yourself . Why aren`t people more up front and honest about things? It would hurt me more if you[…]

What 9/11 means to me !!!

Over the past few days, people have been sharing , how 9/11 affected them. Well it clearly has affected me. It was the beginning of the crumbling of Todd ‘ structure and after ten years, I am finally rebuilding. I want to start this blog post on 9/10 2001 . It was a very rainy night and[…]

Challenging your Sheepeople Mentality. How to tell if you are a Sheepeople

The majority of People on this planet really don’t get it. This is a parasitic planet and everything feeds off something else. The majority 80% of the people are “Sheepeople” and follow like good little sheep that are afraid to say or do anything against the politically correct. Then you have the 10% Percenters who[…]