Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- What’s an Agenda – Who’s Agenda gets served…

I ventured off the front Porch today , to survey the world and the people around me. It’s time for a sanity check. I started the thought with, What’s my Agenda?, that immediately kicked off the response number two ; What’s your Agenda? Is life like a job interview, or the quiet checklist we think about when[…]

Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective – Family Breakfast

It’s Sunday morning and the coffee is brewing and the griddles are warming. Todd Glassberg’s family is slowly getting it together. It has been a busy fall season in our home. School is in progress, the first marking period is done , Football and Cheer has come and gone,  and Thanksgiving is upon us. This is[…]

Todd Glassberg- Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid?

Todd Glassberg – Front Porch Perspective- Should College Athletes be Paid Just yesterday there was an article in the Washington Post that stated College Athletes are preparing a petition to be presented to the NCAA requesting that their scholarship funds be increased as they are enriched with additional revenues. My thoughts on this have never[…]

Why do we Allow Banks to Rip Us Off – Todd Glassberg Front Porch Perspective

I went to the ATM today, the 1st thing I noticed was they wanted to charge me $3 to get my money. I know you are probably thinking “Go to your own bank it’s free” Well with gasoline as high as it is, unfortunately it is cheaper to pay the fee. The 2 biggest rip-offs[…]

Liberty-(like in the pursuit of) Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

  popeye_the_sailor_man-ringtone Play Popeye’s Theme song     Liberty: Fundamental to Human Beings   Todd Glassberg’s : DEFINITION OF LIBERTY My definition of liberty is the freedom of an individual to do whatever he or she wishes, as long as it does not impact someone else’s liberty. Some might argue that this is a circular[…]

Everyone has a story. Mine IS ……

I ran into a old friend the other day , he posed a question ? If you could do anything for a living , “what would it be?” I replied, ” I am doing what I like most. I am a Marketer and a Sales Person. However the way I approach my job is different.[…]