Time Out Todd Glassberg- Views From the Front Porch

Time out -The proverbial cue for a stop and recognize about what is going on. Good or Bad .

During my time out from life, I learned several life-lessons that I believe have changed me in an emotionally positive manner. But more importantly, these are profound lessons that anyone could use to be a better person.

I learned that when everyone wears the same clothes, people are not so different. When I was younger and played sports, everyone wore the same uniform. Every teammate wore looked alike, and so until someone told you or showed you they were faster, stronger, or better , or came from a better or worse socioeconomic background, you had no idea. I played on the same team, lived in the same dorm with people who were from the ghetto and others who were wealthy. Yet we all learned to get along, because nobody really stood out as different. It’s not our money or possessions that define us; it’s our character.

2) I learned that everything a person needs to survive can fit in a box. when you put your keepsakes away in the garage or attic,Surprisingly, we store them in a box . These are our truly most treasured possession, picture having to store everything you treasure in the trunk of a 1975 Ford Pinto. I am sure that you could .  Sure, a new car and a beautiful house and all sorts of new STUFF is nice…but we can survive just fine without all of that. Maybe things would even be easier if we learned to downsize our lives.

When I had unlimited disposal income , it would take a new TV or expensive watch to get me excited. Today a sincere conversation and a cup of really good coffee gets me excited.

3) I learned not to take short cuts. In life, there is always a person who feels entitled. It is like going to the local deli and standing there when your neighbor comes in and  thinks nothing of cutting in front of someone in the line. This selfish behavior always causes hostility among those who wait their turn. In short, humility teaches those who will listen to value the golden rule. You never advance yourselves by walking on others; instead you learn that others’ rights are as important as your own.

4) I learned to walk in the lines. Life rules provide non visual lines , telling you where you can cross the street, where you can park your car, where you must never enter. Cross the wrong line and you have to pay the consequences. Sure, there were always the rebellious ones who tried to walk as close to the lines as they could, sometimes even crossing briefly. But the people who care about  themselves stayed far away from the lines. In life’s process they learned that nothing good comes from trying to blur the line between right and wrong . Entitlement is a path to Karmic ruin.

5) I learned that the key to overcoming anger and depression is to help others. It’s probably not a shock to hear that a lot of people in our lives are depressed and in a bad mood. I spend my time, though, coaching others in sports and in business. And I must say–I am never depressed, I am at peace. I may have moments of anger or being down, but being so grounded allows it to dissipate quickly

I don’t recommend everyone takes a time out. But if you want to become a better person that others will enjoy being around, I do recommend that you try adopting the lessons that time outs teach

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