Today is My Day

There is one day every year that a person should enjoy. That day you ask? Your Birthday. As I sit at this keyboard and celebrate the Anniversary of my Birth, I could do little else but reflect on this past year.  Oh the things I have learned, I want to believe that we are all capable of continued education. Whether it is formal, emotional or just the repetition of our usual everyday tasks.

I hope the people who pass by my Blog can find that little voice that they self talk with. You know the voice that is your true self. I learned that people are fragile, well let me clarify they have fragility, we are imperfect beings. Some are strong physically but weak mentally. Some are strong mentally but weak physically. The beauty of an interpersonal connection relies on the cause and effect of our relationships with others.

If we require similar outcomes, our bonds are stronger and they will never waver. If we have different goals, no roots will form and our surfaces may bond but be susceptible to fracturing.

I have learned, experienced and felt the love of my family, friends and my acquaintances . As for the hangers around , you know them the time wasters, the people who want to serve their own needs ( notice I do not call them selfish, no one could behave selfishly unless you let them into your soul and build false expectations.I think this is where vampires arise , they never really kill your consciousness; they just drain you till you are the walking dead. Not physically dead but emotionally disconnected from who and what you want to be.

Please do not take this as a crying session or a feel sorry for my self post, I am strong physically and mentally. I don’t envy, I don’t want for anything from others. I am here to give, not to the takers but to those who are in need.

I will be writing each day to discuss certain areas of my life’s experiences. Names, Places will be change to protect the innocent and allow them to continue to hide or even forget. This is from my perspective, and how these experiences shaped my life at my capabilities at that time.


Well Happy Birthday to me. I have been locked away but that has truly freed my soul.


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