Todd Glassberg – A view from the Back Porch – Friends

Our lives are filled with many things. The things around us and the things we conjure up in our own minds.

Recently , a Life and Death situation has visited my doorstep. Before I tell you the when, what, who and why; I would like to express my viewpoint circa 2012.

Todd Glassberg is writing this from the back porch,  not because I like the view better. I am writing it literally and symbolically. Day by day we fall into the habit of looking at the world from one perspective. I get it , it is easy to live on auto pilot. However today I am taking a look at things from an opposite perspective.

I am not going to sit here and say one persons perception is correct over another’s. it is usually only correct for the person having the thoughts. Just the other day I saw a post on Facebook¬†that stated ” I had such a great birthday, thank you my Facebook friend”. My immediate reaction was, wow that is so cool. Then I began to think, what are Facebook Friends ? Are they Friends or are they a collection of lifelong acquaintances ?

My Facebook collection is typically , family, friends, acquaintances ; all of whom I feel I have shared a poignant moment with in my life. Unfortunately there are a few posers, phony’s and situational friends that really don’t stand up to the muster of a friend, but just someone I know . ( or knew)

Today i saw a post that said, ” I am just about sick of those that play the ” I am a real friend game” here on FB.. when they are the most “fake” people there is ! I laughed and that truly inspired this post.

Why then is this hitting me. Last week I learned a friend of mine was gravely ill. I am praying for his recovery. As I sit there and look at him lying unconscious , I have two thoughts; one is ” I wonder what he is thinking” and two, “life is too short and unpredictable to allow a precious moment to go by without it meaning something.

This friend really was sent to me from god. We met through others and from a surface level many people wouldn’t understand the connection. However the thoughts, emotions and laughter we share has been an amazing interaction that I treasure.

As I previously stated my Facebook demographic slightly mirrors my previous life. Yes i said previous life, because now I am much more intolerant for the game and only surround my emotional self with like-minded individuals. This friend stood by me at the darkest time of my life, this friend stood by my wife and children, this man never defended me because he had the insight to know that I am a good person with good qualities. it was never a question about our friendship. For those feelings of comfort i would do anything for him. just like I would do for any of you. If you character towards me and those I love passes muster.

I let people visit my virtual yard, but it takes awhile for them to be invited to the BBQ.

May there be mercy for my dear friend. May he heal from this predicament and may he continue to be a rock for so many. May his wife find comfort in their circle of trust and may his son find the blueprint for a fruitful life.

I doubt any of the posers will read this but if you do, I know who you are. I hope you find a place in your insecure little circle to allow a thought for someone with reservation or the thought if I pray for him , I will be forgiven for my sins.

Pray for him, because people like him gives humanity hope that there is still compassion, empathy and decency amongst us.



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