Todd Glassberg- Views from the Front Porch- I have a Scarlett Alphabet, don’t you ?

This post has been gyrating in my mind since a near death experience almost 3 years ago. I am continuously spurned into action by different daily occurrences. They could be an unkind word, an un-provoked attack , or just my inner voice saying ” Todd you must not only measure up to the rest of society , you must surpass them.

I will be the first one to say , I have a big ego, however I do not consider myself egotistical. I want to live in a Love Triangle . I LOVE ME and I ultimately want YOU to LOVE me.

However everyday I am faced with my Scarlett Alphabet. I wish it were just a Scarlett letter, but the longer I live and the more revisionist history I think about, the more and more glaring my mistakes have arose. Now mind you, I can live with my mistakes, but can the culture of the society we live in really let one’s life move forward. I am not sure.

I want to provide a few examples of who our neighbors are:

They love the movie star, go to all of their films, but if they say one thing that defies the sheepeople mentality, they are vilified. Oh don’t kid yourself most people have too much to say but they say it in their own little private circle. They could not handle being judged. So no risk , no reward.

The suburban house husband is just as bad as the suburban housewife. All day long they complain about everything. They highlight other peoples weaknesses just to hide their own insecurities. Of course they carry the Scarlett letters for distribution against their perceived fr-enemies. I say fr-enemies, because most don’t have the gusto to be committed . you either like someone or something and commit to it or you should decide to avoid it.

Drama is not my thing, however from time to time drama arises because I am not in the position to take action. I can’t take action, it will affect my spouse, my children and my friends. Having Scarlett letters thrown at me is very disconcerting. i want to protect those that i love. I need them to be happy, that is my true purpose in life. Not what I have won or lost.

I carry my Scarlett Letters, don’t you. isn’t there always that one person or group of people who judge you by what they perceive or have heard and they have never even interacted with you.

I say this lets burn the letters live our life and move forward.

I am frequently pissed at one situation or another. I truly dislike and distrust most people. It takes me awhile to let them in, but when I do I have made a conscious decision to be a dedicated and loyal servant for the cause.

To the haters, dont hate the player, hate the game. Make a difference start with yourself.


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