Todd Glassberg – Who is Looking at my LinkedIn -Views from the Front Porch

I have a routine, don’t you ? I get into work turn on my computer and begin the daily script in my mind. I open my email, grab the coffee and flip the lid. As my first sip goes down and warms up my stomach; I scan my new messages and begin to set the priorities for the day.

I check Facebook, LinkedIn, my Blogs, my Skype; etc.etc. There are so many different ways for people to contact me. However LinkedIn, always draws my interest.

Why ? I can only conceive that it is because I can glimpse through the window; I can see how many times my profile showed up in search, who viewed my profile and then I can daydream through the next half of my cup of coffee as to what or why they perused my profile.

LinkedIn  is the “I play a Doctor on T.V. “view of a persons life. As a user I list my previous jobs, my skills, my marketplace viability. I have yet to meet a person that got a job or a piece of business through this intriguing software. But I assume it could happen or why would there be such a tool.

The unveiling to me is (drumroll please)  ; who viewed my profile and why?

Today I noticed a mixed bag: a family member, two ex-coworkers one whom I vaugely remember and the other was someone who always treated me harshly. The other few were various random people who read my blog. Why do the ex-coworkers check out my profile ? Are they hoping to see good things or are they hoping to see me languish. No matter , its just perspective anyway, a reoccurring theme I always try to infuse in my writing is one person trash is another one’s treasure, it always depends on what prism you are looking through.

I believe that many of us have these observations, I can’t be alone. So Todd Glassberg’s view from his front porch says, ” Put yourself our there, be available and true to yourself, be interesting; make it count. The people looking for your treasure will find you and the people who are jealous,envious or wish you ill will’ can be thrown in the trash.


Have a great day

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