What 9/11 means to me !!!

Over the past few days, people have been sharing , how 9/11 affected them. Well it clearly has affected me. It was the beginning of the crumbling of Todd ‘ structure and after ten years, I am finally rebuilding.

I want to start this blog post on 9/10 2001 . It was a very rainy night and I was working with a client in the World Trade Center. As usual I was trying to close a new piece of business. That was my only focus. To impress this client after our meeting at approximately 9 PM , I suggested we go upstairs to Windows on The World. It wasn’t a particularly busy night and we got a table by the window. I guess since the rain, no one else was clamoring to sit there.  The night sky was funny , it was raining, but there was a break in the clouds as we sat and enjoyed our meal. My customer , who funny enough after ten years I can’t remember his name , specifically said to me . ” oh , I can’t believe I am finally visiting the top of the World Trade Center and I don’t have my camera”. I replied, “don’t worry after we set up this deal, we will come back on a better day”.

I don’t remember the rest of the dinner conversation, but we enjoyed talking about the city and what would be great places for him to visit with his family.

As we got to ground level. I distinctly remember seeing a guy pull up in a Beige Honda Accord with New jersey plates. I said to him, ” aren’t you going the wrong way, home is across the river”. He replied that he had an early meeting in the Towers and it was prudent for him to spend the night at the Marriott. I wished him well and continued to say my goodbyes and got in my car and drove home.

The next morning as usual , i got up and drove to work. It was a normal morning, the calm before the storm. When I got to work, I sat at my desk, drank my coffee and listened to the radio. Just then the announcer came on and said, the World Trade Center has just been hit by a plane. I immediately thought of a Cessna. There was no way in my mind that I could imagine it was a Jetliner. I hustle to my bosses office and asked him to turn the TV’s on in the conference room. He asked why and I told him.

So here we were about 25 people in the conference room watching the smoke billow out of Tower 1. I was in shock, I called my wife and told her to take our daughter out of school. There was no news about terrorism yet, but I felt uncomfortable. I can’t believe what I heard next, but my boss said, “OK everybody, time to go back to work”. I always thought he was a douche and now it was confirmed.

I went back to my desk glued to the radio. When I heard that the second building was hit, i ran to the TV and watch the replay of the video. I was in shock. I immediately left work, F*@K my boss, I told him as I left the building. I drove to the highest point near my office, pulled the car over and looked at the New york skyline. I still didn’t think of the end result, I just thought it would be a fire and they would put it out.

Well , I started the car and drove home. My family was there glued to the TV. We told our daughter to go play as we didn’t want her to see the shocking video transcription of the event.  My neighbors came in. I used to say my friends, but time only showed that they were neighbors and nothing more. ( if you are reading this a few of you turned out to be dear friends, but I dont want to disclose names as the guilty will know who they are)

Here was the whole Cul-Da-Sac sitting together at as a unified group, watching the tragedy unfold. We were shocked as the buildings collapsed . Speechless. I got up called my customer at his hotel and woke him as we were out eating and drinking from the night before. I said turn on your TV. He did and just said he had to go. Strangest thing, he quit his job and I have not heard from him since. I wonder from time to time , what was he thinking, did he know people there, I assume yes since we were in the building working, just the night before. I tried to call my friend who worked with us and got no reply. Was he at work? I called his wife and she was frantic , she said she would call me back when she got information. ( He turned out to be a lucky survivor )

History has documented what happend to the building, the souls we lost and a city and countries desire to survive and rebuild.

On that day I learned that people will surround themselves with others when they feel threatened, scared or curious.

I learned the people that I worked for were iconoclastic assholes, only interested in themselves.

I valued my wife, my child and my true friends.

That was the beginning to the end of my career, I made angry choices, without thinking about the reprecussions, It took longer for Todd Glassberg infrastructure to collaspe but it did in less than 2 years.

I lost my so called friends, my self respect and my position in the community. None of which I thought was real. My steel was weak. I payed my price of false security.

Today ten years later through all of the adversity. Like this nation , I am free, i have faced my demons, my enemies and I choose allies for the greater good. Someday I will delve further, but the time isn’t now. The time will come before i take my last breadth. Its not for my ego to divulge but for one person to learn from my story that will make my existence worthwhile.


God Bless Everybody and God Bless America.


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