Your Hidden Talent Is ….?

You ask yourself every day. Do I have talent? Can I do something better than anyone else. Even if I can’t, can I do better than I’m doing it today. When I was a child my father always said, “Play to strengths, not your weaknesses”. Believe me at 10 years old I had no idea what he meant. Now years later, I get it. We spend so much time developing our strongest aspects that we sometimes shunt our innate abilities; thereby shunting our potential not only for success but for fulfillment. I started writing this blog to share my perspective of the world I live in. Would you be shocked to know, that when I was five, I wrote short stories! What is your talent? Is it making funny faces, funny sounds, blowing spaghetti out of your nose. These may sound unimportant but its still a talent. The key is to find your talent and then turn it into a scalable business, a hobby an outlet for your creativity. Many people get stuck on the “finding the talent” part. Below are some tips , on how to find your hidden talent. You have it! Now let it out:

First, you need to figure out what benefits you get by not using your talents.

Most people are afraid of failure, they hesitate to try new because it might not work, so not letting your talents surface gives you an excuse for not succeeding – or do you just feel safer being able to blame your problems on someone or something else?

Once you know what you are gaining by NOT utilizing your own talents, it will be easier to let go of those old beliefs about yourself and move on to new ideas

My mother in law discovered her hidden talent of cooking after her second marriage. When she was younger and cared for the family, they were such picky eaters that she didn’t indulge her culinary adventurism. Now that she cooks for her husband, she feels encouraged to let her experiences flourish in the kitchen and has learned that her creativity leads to fulfillment.

So I challenge you my readership think about the things that you do naturally that others say “I wish I could do that … as good as you do” and you say “whatever, no big deal, that’s nothing, etc., etc.”

Take that “______” which IS your hidden talent and look at yourself in the mirror and introduce yourself to yourself by saying “Hi, I’m Todd Glassberg and I can organize and simplify your life”. Then, literally – you will be able to see how it feels. I guarantee it will feel right.

A key to discovering a hidden talent is to remain open and receptive to new ideas – no matter how crazy they may seem. For more than ten years after entering the workplace employers and clients regularly told me that I would make a great marketing person. I never took the idea seriously because I could never see myself being comfortable in a marketing environment. Then in 2008, I realized that life is marketing, not hard and fast structured like I thought. I thought about explaining the facets of products, ideas and features of people, places and things, which like my writing is very descriptive but focused and to the point.


Thus I embraced my talent and each day I hone it. I educate, discuss and describe for my customers, my associates and my friends. Todd Glassberg is finally embracing his talents.

To find your hidden talents, it is necessary to lead yourself towards your goals no matter what negative signals you receive from naysayers or your inner voice?

Your reaction could very well be the determining factor as to how quickly and easily you accomplish your goal of becoming a successful happy, fulfilled human being. It’s the combination of tenacity, strategy and consistency that will allow you to create a thriving life.


What are your hidden talents ?

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